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Fat Dog Scoring specializes on recording music for broadcast and studio services including music production, studio rental, musicians contracting, mix and mastering .

pm Pavel Marcel
Guitar and keyboard player, composer, producer, engineer

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Pavel Marcel closely cooperates with Studio Fontana, Czech leading postproduction company and music library.
Czech platinum CDs mixer (Michal Prokop, Sony BMG), about 70 production music CDs for Studio Fontana (mix/mastering), dozens of band Cds as a producer, player or both. News score on Free Europe/Kazachstan Radio.(Licensed under Studio Fontana), Radio Blanik radio graphics (Fatdogscoring)

Lately active in bands: Pumpa, Martians (kid shows), performed with Skinny Molly on UK, Sweden and Finland tour in Nov / Dec 2015, as a guest in 2016, 2017, 2018.

Live Dates Here:

Jamstage TV shows on YouTube....


studio Fat Dog Studio

Home studio, equipped for recording bands of all levels. Cool environment of uncle's garage, where most of recordings described above have been done.
Fluent English, international experience (USA, Japan, Australia, England, Ireland, Russia and more) Logic and loads of plugins. Apple i7 MacMini 8GB RAM + tons of hardware.

Small, but handy - more here:

Price 20 EUR/h,details and booking at contacts

Custom scores, ads, guitar parts, keyboards, vocals, whole arrangements including drums and bass(even live, needs additional contracting) all available tru ftp downloads, starting as low as 200 EUR per piece. See licensing for additional info.